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Infinite Solutions for Trading Est was established to operate its sister businesses under one umbrella with a aim to provide our all types of services under one unit. Our primary intention is to provide a compatible product to serve the unlimited companies who suddenly may not have no reliable of source for spares, repairs, maintenance, renovations, storage solutions services, security cameras, security access and add-ons to their requirements in their respected sites or projects.

Today Infinite Solutions are well-established with a joint services names with an impressive and growing portfolio of trade dealers and end user specified with our multi-tasking business services as their system of choice for all of their tremendous types of requirements.

Our Supply team is engineers who have all previously worked with one or more of the main Saudi Arabia manufacturers before joining us. This pedigree provides a well- rounded understanding of the industry, while the team’s combined skills cover production, technical, quality and customer-facing functions. The team jointly offers more than a century of relevant experience.

  • We take the matter of providing ‘good old-fashioned service’ very seriously. We understand that people want to speak to somebody who understands what they want and can deliver accurate, timely information.

  • We strive to respond to quotation requests within 48 hours only in condition of having complete genuine details related to the inquiries. We aim to confirm all purchase orders back within 48 hours of receipt too.

  • We make no demands about how much our trading partners buy from us, or how often. We don’t have preferential discounts for ‘pet’ customers. Simply we believe in treating people how we like to be treated ourselves under a Gentle and kind criteria of dealing with clients.